Learning ESL Using the Internet
These lessons are designed for either individual or classroom in any ESOL setting around the world.

Lesson Class Content Homework
First Session

Lesson 1

Class Introduction: How to use the lab and the computers Internet Log; read first section, What's the Internet?
Lesson 2
What's the Internet?: History; different parts of the Internet and a Web page; URLs and hypertext links; our purpose in using the Internet

Using an Internet browser: Customizing your browser (changing the tool bar and appearance of the screen with fonts and colors, selecting the start-up page, working with cache, automatic loading of images, creating/editing bookmarks, etc.)

- practice customizing your browser
- write down 3 things you want to search for on the Web
Lesson 3
Search Engines: What are they and how they work; advanced searching techniques; web site evaluations; sites for language learners; search engine treasure hunt

- write a search engine treasure hunt; bring two copies to class
Lesson 4
Search Engines (continued)

Web Site Evaluation: What to look for in a great site: authorship, authority, citation, content, design, objectivity, and uniqueness

- Evaluate three Web sites based on the criteria discussed in class
- come up with three possible e-mail names and passwords
Lesson 5
What is E-mail?: Understanding e-mail and how it works; e-mail addresses; setting up an e-mail account; overview of basic functions of the program; logging out; security; e-mail forwarding

- write your first personal introduction using your e-mail account
- write e-mail chain story
Lesson 6
Writing E-mail Messages: Writing messages in formal and informal style; using Hotmail's e-mail advanced features

Netiquette; formal verse informal style; smilies; signature files; e-mail chain story; finding peoples' e-mail addresses

- write an e-mail chain story
Lesson 7
Attachments: Creating and receiving text, graphics, sound, and video files
File compression and downloading from the Internet
- send an e-mail message to your teacher and two other students with one kind of attachment
Lesson 8
Interactive Communication: E-mail Exchanges, Chat Rooms, Internet Phone, messaging services, and personal information managers.

Session Break
Session Break Session Break
Session 2

Lesson 1

Class Overview
Purpose of Class: Using the Internet for doing research and publishing your papers online [see examples ] with various research tools.

Home Page Construction (overview) Planning your site, creating the content, understanding copyright issues, selecting a web host, and promoting your site; Set up online file storage account; Writing basic HTML tags; adding background colors and images

Personal Home Page: What is it and what should I include

- peer review of personal introduction
- write personal introduction including country, family, hobbies, and future goals
- create first draft of personal home page
Lesson 2
Page Layout and Text Formatting: Preparing the overall design of your pages

Creating HTML Links: Working with relative and absolute links; e-mail links

- write down three ideas for culture home page
Lesson 3
Adding Graphics: Dealing with copyright issues on using graphics; finding free web art online; optimizing graphics and scanning images

Class Web Site Project: Brainstorming ideas, selecting a topic, and creating a site map; research topic and begin writing assigned page of the site

Review scoring sheet for personal home page.

Lesson 4
Research Writing Skills:
  • Creating an outline
  • thesis, topic, and concluding sentences
  • introduction, body, and conclusion
- do a peer evaluation of another student's site
- culture page outline due
Lesson 5
Research Writing Skills: Choosing a Web Host: Creating a home page account

- first draft of personal home page due
- culture page introduction due

Lesson 6

Collecting Data - Online Surveys: Use online tools to gather information on your topic

Validating Your Pages: Using online validation tools to check your pages for errors; creating meta tags


- first draft of culture home page body
- culture page conclusion due
Lesson 7
Website Construction Project: Linking the entire site together; inviting others to view the site

Promoting Your Web Site

- reference section for culture page due
- final version of paper due
Lesson 8
Web Page Extras: Adding sound and video, counters and trackers, storing files on the Web, and javascript

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